The best ways to get in touch:


We use a call-back telephone system!


To improve the quality of our communication, rather than quantity.  Too many calls leads to inconsistency and errors.  You deserve better!

Some say that not taking calls is rude and unprofessional.

We disagree!  Emphasizing quantity over quality led to EXTREME hold times and a rush to complete the call.  Now we return your call when we can focus on you 100% - generally quicker than our previous on-hold  times.  That's professional.

Just hire more people!

We work hard to ensure we have the right staffing levels.  We're going to work hard to ensure all of our staff are knowledgable and qualified to make your day better.

I don't want to email or schedule online!

Call us!  When you call, kindly leave a message and our system will call you back when a live support agent is able to handle your call personally.  804-794-3937

I can schedule an appointment online?  Is it safe?

Our website shows LIVE appointment options - you see the same schedule that we see!  If you cannot find an appointment that meets your needs, check back daily!  The site updates every 5 minutes.  No computer?  Call us!  804-794-3937

What if I have an emergency?

Not sure if you need to be seen?  Come in!  We'll work you in as efficiently as possible.  You know your body better than we do.  Trust your instincts and you will make an excellent decision.  We're happy to see you!

Still need to reach us?