Below you will find a brief job description for our current openings.  Each has a link to our online application site.  Each link takes you to the same application - from there, choose the job you are applying for.

Things you should know:

  1. We consider each application for ALL openings, so there's NO benefit to applying more than once.
  2. We hire for personality, not based on what you put on your resume
  3. We will reach out to you within 7 days if we are considering you.  If you don't hear from us, we know you will be a great fit in the right organization.  Perseverence builds strength of character.
  4. Our application process is lengthy because placing the right people in the right positions is worth the effort.
    1. Step 1 - apply online using the links below and take the test.  Allow 20 minutes.  Phones and tablets may break the application, so use a computer.
    2. Step 2 - A telephone interview - it's a simple chat and takes less than 10 minutes.
    3. Step 3 - Personality testing.  Allow 2 hours (seriously - we have to make sure you're as crazy as we are)
    4. Step 4 - In-Person interview.  Bring your resume and don't study ahead - you have better uses for your time.
    5. Step 5 - Background check.  We're in healthcare - you've gotta be clean.
    6. Step 6 - Offer.  You're in!  1 in 40 make it to this step.  Rockstar!

Why work at The Eye Place?

  1. We're not your typical employer.  We believe in personal responsibility and giving you the space to get your job done.
  2. We're not a minimum-wage office.
  3. We offer benefits - insurance, retirement, paid time off, on-site parking, etc.
  4. We're going somewhere.  We're big and we're going to get bigger.
  5. We're flexible.  We have opening shifts, closing shifts, and part-time opportunities


Current Openings

Concierge / Greeter / MaĆ®tre D'.  (Entry Level - Experience NOT required, PART-TIME (1pm-7pm).  $8.50/hr starting.) Experience is NOT required and we provide training.  Your responsibilities will include greeting all customers and patients, introductions, traffic control, kiosk entry, and a lot of smiling!  If you're ready, CLICK HERE!  Choose "Concierge / Greeter (Part-Time)"


BILINGUAL Retail Associate.  (Entry Level - Experience NOT required, Full-time, Bilingual Spanish required. Full-Time. $10/hr starting.) Experience is NOT required and we provide training.  Your responsibilities will include styling eyewear, selling and dispensing eyewear, collecting copays, etc.  If you're ready, CLICK HERE!  Choose "Retail Sales Associate"