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What To Expect

Pre-Approved Insurance

Before your visit, we will contact your insurance to request pre-approvals.  We will reach out to you if we anticipate any hiccups.

Advanced Testing

This upgraded exam is performed on all patients for a small fee. This fast and easy upgrade results in better care.

Secure Cloud Features

Our Patient Portal offers secure scheduling, appointment reminders, 24/7 access to statements, and secure messaging.

No Air Puff!

Glaucoma is a big deal.  We're very good at diagnosing, treating and managing glaucoma.  We are also proud to do so without the air puff!  Easier, faster, better!


Going to the doctor is inconvenient.  We're not perfect, but efficiency remains our TOP priority!

Affordable Eyewear

Our thoughtfully curated brands offer something for every budget and style.

Upgrade Your Exam

5 minutes could save your vision!
We perform quick versions of our medical testing at large savings to you.  These machines enhance our ability to detect subtle issues sooner and are performed on all patients.

Eidon SLO Camera

EIDON Laser Pictures

Richmond's first and only robotic camera provides unsurpassed image quality.  Compare your old Optomap to your new Eidon image from us. Less distortion allows us to provide better glaucoma care!

Zeiss FDT Visual Field

"No Puff" Glaucoma Testing

This machine checks to see if the 3 million wires (nerves) connecting your eyes are working well. Problems arise even in patients with normal eye pressure. This 2-minute test helps us detect glaucoma up to 2 years earlier than pressure tests alone.  No air puff or dilation is necessary for this easy test!

MPOD Machine

Macular Degeneration

We offer the ability for YOU to track your risk of macular degeneration.  More than 70 studies confirm that increasing the amount of protective pigment in your diet ("meso-zeaxanthin") lowers your risk of macular degeneration developing or progressing.


The Eye Place is pleased to participate with most major insurance plans and health savings accounts.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, we encourage each patient to contact their insurance to verify coverage in benefits.  We do our best to do this, too, but there is no standard portal for any office to check insurance.

When scheduling your Eye Place appointment, please provide all necessary insurance information and bring your MEDICAL insurance card to each appointment.

In-Network Medical

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In-Network Vision

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Open-Access / Reimbursement Plans

Complete and submit these forms to your discount provider for full reimbursement.  Attach a copy of your receipt from us to your form.
Click on the name of your company to open the form.

Common Questions

Vision vs. Medical Coverage

Your exam may be covered by a vision plan or by your regular medical plan. If it is a routine annual exam your vision plan will apply. If it is a visit for any non-routine concern your medical plan will apply.

Non-routine examples are infections, dry eyes, headaches, pain, and finding anything other than a glasses prescription change. Medicare also will help out if we find cataracts, retina issues, infections, etc. The part where we are checking your glasses prescription is called refraction It is never covered by medical insurance or medicare. This is because it is considered by insurance to be a routine procedure not related to a medical issue that has developed.

If I don’t have a vision plan, may I get an eye exam?


Comprehensive eye exams can be covered under any standard health insurance provided the appropriate copayment has been made and/or deductible met in addition to the following:

  • There is a medical diagnosis that relates to the eye, visual system, and/or associated structures and is symptomatic or has been previously diagnosed
  • You have a diagnosed systemic disorder with established risk to eye health
If I have a complaint such as a red eye will my vision insurance cover it?


Any health-related complaints will be considered a medical eye examination and typically covered under your regular health insurance. Some examples are listed below.

Are eye exams covered under health plans or vision plans?


Eye care is a field of health care where both health insurance and vision insurance provides coverage. Typically, vision plans will cover annual or biannual preventative eye exams, along with some coverage for glasses or contact lenses. Additional charges for glasses or contact lenses may apply based on your plan.


Once your deductible has been met, Medicare will cover an office visit or comprehensive exam for any medical complaint relating to the eye or visual system. Medicare also offers coverage for examinations if you have a diagnosed systemic disorder with an established risk to eye health. In addition, the majority of additional testing that may be required may be covered by Medicare with the appropriate diagnosis. Coverage may differ between individual plans.

Refraction (determining the prescription for glasses) and the glasses and/or contact lenses themselves are typically an out-of-pocket expense, or covered by a Medicare Advantage plan.

Registration Forms

Prior to your appointment please download and fill out the registration forms below.

HIPAA Privacy Practices

This document explains how we keep your private information... private!