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Myopia Awareness Week


Myopia Awareness Week: Taking a Closer Look at Nearsightedness

Myopia Awareness Week is May 13-19, 2024

, commonly known as nearsightedness, affects millions of people worldwide. During Myopia Awareness Week, we shed light on this sight-threatening epidemic, emphasizing the importance of early detection, prevention, and informed discussions. Let’s delve into what myopia is, its impact, and how we can combat it.

Understanding Myopia

Myopia occurs when distant objects appear blurry, while close-up vision remains clear. The elongation of the eyeball causes light to focus in front of the retina, leading to this refractive error. Lifestyle factors, genetics, and excessive near work contribute to its development. But here’s the alarming statistic: by 2050, nearly half of the global population—5 billion people—will be myopic1. We must act now to prevent avoidable vision loss.


The Impact of Myopia

Myopia isn’t just about needing stronger glasses. It affects quality of life and increases the risk of serious eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, myopic macular degeneration, and retinal detachment. Imagine a child struggling to see the blackboard or an adult facing complications due to progressive myopia. Awareness is our first line of defense.

Taking Action

  • Parents: Prioritize your child’s vision. Limit screen time, encourage outdoor play, and ensure regular eye exams.  Consider Ortho-K, MiSight contacts, or even low-dose atropine.
  • Eye Care Professionals: We play a crucial role. This is why we educate parents, diagnose myopia early, and manage patients effectively.
  • Community: Let’s spread awareness. Share information, engage in conversations, and empower others to protect their eyesight.

Together, we can control the rise of myopia and safeguard vision for generations to come. Join us during Myopia Awareness Week—because informed eyes see a brighter future1.

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