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Transitions Style Colors

The Benefits of Transitions Lenses

Transitions adaptive photochromic lenses may sound weird to people who do not have to use eyeglasses, but many do know what they are.  Transitions lenses darken when you move into brightly lit areas and lighten when you go into darker rooms. One of the few flexes that people can show off with their glasses, these lenses have many benefits that are critical to eye health. 


What Are Transitions Lenses?

Essential for eyeglass users, transition lenses are also commonly known as light-adaptive or photochromic lenses. They are essential for children since they are more likely to overexpose to the sun and risk long-term eye damage. They were initially only offered in gray and were less dynamic than they are today. Today, they come in multiple colors and are available for various types of glasses and prescriptions. 


How Are They Made?

These regular lenses have been made to specific prescriptions as the patient needs and then altered to become photochromic. They contain unique dyes that are sensitive to UV rays. The chemicals applied to them have changed significantly to more efficient ones. Initially, the lenses had silver chloride or halide, which also reacted to UV light. 


What Are The Benefits Of Transitions Lenses?

They block out all UV light from reaching the eyes and prevent eye damage from developing in the future. UV rays are responsible for common age-related conditions like cataracts and AMD, which may lead to blindness. So, what are some other key benefits of transition lenses?


  • The Change Is Quick

When you leave your office building or walk out of a cool place into the sun, you have probably experienced glare or the sun's overwhelming brightness blinding you. For a long time, people had to squint their way through this, and it was sometimes the cause of accidents due to the depleted vision quality. 

Today's transition lenses are efficient in changing as you move into brightly-lit areas. The change is almost instant, and you never have to worry about being blinded by the sun when walking on the sidewalk. 

  • Versatile

These are sunglasses and prescription glasses all in one. You will not need to bring two pairs of glasses to the beach if you use these lenses. Your kids will not have to keep track of their eyeglasses and sunglasses, which can be expensive when either is lost. 


  • Better Vision Quality

The most typical effects of spending a lot of time in bright light include glare and eyestrain. Transition lenses allow you to enjoy time in the sun without worrying about glare, darkening as they can when any glare hits them. Additionally, they reduce the eyestrain common when you are in UV light for prolonged periods. 


For more on the benefits of Transitions light adaptive lenses for prescription eyeglasses, visit The Eye Place Optometry at our office in Midlothian, Virginia. Call (804) 794-3937​​​​​​​ to book an appointment today.