Current Career Opportunities

Below you will find a brief job description for our current openings.  Each has a link to our online application site.  Each link takes you to the same application - from there, choose the job you are applying for.

Our Hiring Process:


ALL Openings

We will consider you for ALL openings.Having the right people in the right positions is best for everyone!That means there is NO benefit to applying for more than one position or more frequently than once a month.

Silence is OK

If you don't hear from us, that's OK.We are not the right fit for you and we know you will be a great fit in the right organization!

Be Prepared!

Our application process is lengthy because placing the right people in the right positions is worth the effort.
Step 1 - Apply Online
flexApply online using the links below. Allow 20 minutes to complete the application.  Apply using a desktop or laptop computer - otherwise you may run into difficulties on your phones and tablets.
Step 2 - Telephone interview
Step 3 - Personality testing
Step 4 - In-Person interview
Step 5 - Background check
Step 6 - Offer

Let's Get Started!

Why Work With Us?

Core Values
Employee First - you come before our clients!

We believe in personal responsibility and giving you the space to get your job done.

We're flexible.  We have opening shifts, closing shifts, and part-time opportunities.  Full-time is a legitimate 40 hours.
Money and Benefits!
We're going somewhere!

Potential Openings

Retail Associate / Optician Apprentice
(Entry Level - Training provided, FULL-TIME, Starting 10.00/hr with raises after training)

You'll help people look their best - and see their best!  You'll improve their self esteem, enhance their social status, and boost their productivity at work!

We are searching for the right individual to join our Retail Services team as a Retail Associate. You will work with other members of the team to support the operations of our entire clinic. On-site training is provided. 

To apply, CLICK HERE!  Choose "Retail Associate."
Bilingual Receptionist