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Meet Our Doctors

Doctor Jennifer Bowman
Dr Jennifer Bowman

All ages with an emphasis:
Pediatrics, Difficult Contacts
MiSight & Abiliti Myopia Certified

Doctor Harrison Kyte
Dr Harrison Kyte

All ages with an emphasis:
Geriatrics, Retina+Glaucoma
MiSight & Abiliti Myopia Certified

Doctor Brian Spittle
Dr Brian Spittle

All ages with an emphasis:
Complex Medical Cases
MiSight & Abiliti Myopia Certified

Doctor Norma Spittle
Dr Norma Spittle

All ages with an emphasis:
General Family Care
MiSight & Abiliti Myopia Certified


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Choosing the Right Sunglasses

The Eye Place has a sunglass sale each November.  We do this because high-quality sunglasses are an important component of eye health.  Far from being just a fashion accessory, sunglasses play a significant role in protecting our eyes from harmful...
| Blog

Are Yearly Eye Exams Necessary?

Is it necessary to get your eyes checked regularly? Yes, it is vital to include eye care in your general health care routine. If your eyes work fine, it is easy to disregard routine eye care, but it remains crucial. Eye doctors recommend getting ...
| Blog

The Benefits of Transitions Lenses

Transitions adaptive photochromic lenses may sound weird to people who do not have to use eyeglasses, but many do know what they are.  Transitions lenses darken when you move into brightly lit areas and lighten when you go into darker rooms. One o...


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