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Our Mission

To provide individual attention to our patients,
To ensure that they see clearly and comfortably in all their activities and
To help them maintain healthy eyes throughout their life.

Our Doctors

Doctor Jennifer Bowman
Dr Jennifer Bowman

Dr. Bowman is a graduate of Radford University. She received her Doctor of Optometry from Indiana University School of Optometry in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Bowman enjoys treating the whole family, but especially the kiddos.

A native of Tazewell, she resides in Chesterfield with her husband, Dave, and her two teenage sons, Britton and Luke.

Dr. Bowman joined us in 2015.

Doctor Harrison Kyte
Dr Harrison Kyte

Dr. Kyte earned his Bachelor's in Biology from Lynchburg College, a Doctor of Optometry from MCPHS University, and completed residency training at the Orlando VA Medical Center in Primary Care/Ocular Disease.

A native and resident of Williamsburg, Dr. Kyte spends his free time outdoors with his two corgis "Ray-Ban" and "Oakley."

Dr. Kyte joined us in 2021.

Doctor Brian Spittle
Dr Brian Spittle

Dr. Brian studied Biology at JMU and received both a Bachelors in Physiological Optics and his Doctor of Optometry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

There, he met Dr. Norma, looked into her eyes ... and anyway ... he's thrilled to work with some amazing folks! :)

His passion at work is complex disease management and myopia control for kids. When not at work, he'd love to be skiing. (2 planks are better than 1)

Doctor Norma Spittle
Dr Norma Spittle

Dr. Norma attended Campbell University, graduating with a degree in Biology. Like Dr. Brian, Dr. Norma received her Doctor of Optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Together they joined Dr Joe Toler in 2004, starting TEPO.

She was born and raised south of Raleigh, North Carolina. They have called Midlothian home for 20 years. When not at work, she likes to combine her love of travel and passion for mission work.

Our History

Doctor Norma Spittle and Dr Brian Spittle

2004 - The Beginning

Dr Joseph Toler, a solo optometrist since 1976, hands over the reigns to Dr Brian and Dr Norma Spittle.
hardhat and plans

2006 - Expansion

The practice is expanded from 1 exam room to 2. Overall size increased from 1200sq ft to 1950sq ft.
truck moving house

2009 - Free House!?

There was a house sitting where our building needed to be. Tear it down?! No way! We gave away a house! Same folks moved the Hatteras lighthouse!

2010 - Construction Begins

Construction begins at our current location. 2 years of planning is in action!
the eye place optical on opening day

2011 - Opening Day

Doors open on our new 6800sq ft facility January 16th.
Mariann Mittmann and Doctor Roy Mittmann

2011 - Dr Roy Mittmann joins TEPO!

Everyone agrees - he's a rockstar! He gives all the credit to Mariann!
David Bowman and Doctor Jennifer Bowman

2015 - Dr Jennifer Bowman Joins TEPO!

Another fantastic day at TEPO! A smiling face is always welcome!

2017 - Major Remodel

Focusing on fewer & better brands, we simplified the flow, branding, and process for all of our clients.
roof with solar panels

2020 - SOLAR Powered!

Our commitment to our community and environment is enshrined on the roof!  253 solar panels allow us to be independent from Dominion. Click here to see our solar generation data.

Mariann Mittmann and Doctor Roy Mittmann

2020 - Dr Roy Mittmann RETIRES!

Like a rocket, he's off to spend time with his family!  We hope he's as awesome with them as he was with all of us!  9 great years! #grateful

Doctor Harrison Kyte and his corgi

2021 - Dr Harrison Kyte joins TEPO!

After an exhaustive search (and 8 candidates), we were thrilled to have Dr. Kyte join the team!

Chesterfield fire fighters

2021 - FIRE!

Chesterfield FD saved the day!  We had a fire in our electrical room and these amazing folks are true heros!

girl making heart misight lenses

2021 - MiSight Certified

Each of our doctors is certified on the FIRST and ONLY FDA-approved* soft contact lens proven to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children.

Eaglet Eye topographer

2022 - 3D-Designed contacts

With our Eaglet, we're excited to create custom contact lenses for patients who cannot wear "normal" contacts.  Trauma, keratoconus, high prescriptions, and more!


2022 - Optikam

There's more to your glasses than the doctor's prescription - or at least there should be.  We upgraded to Optikam from VisiOffice to capture 10 unique measurements to enhance every pair of glasses we make - even our $89 complete pair.

Abiliti Overnight Contacts

2023 - Abiliti Certified

Each of our doctors is certified to fit Abiliti™ Overnight Therapeutic Lenses.  These are orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses FDA-approved for myopia management in patients of all ages.

Abiliti Overnight Contacts

2024 - Eidon AF Camera

We added a 3rd Eidon camera to reduce time in office.  This one is enhanced with retinal autofluorescence making it easier for us to manage problematic retinal diseases.

We're always looking to be smarter, faster, better.  Check back every few months.

Meanwhile, scroll down to see how our 253 solar panels did today.

100% Solar-Powered!

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